Colas 47739 makes a nostalgic sight departing Llanwern with several steel wagons for Washwood Heath



Freightliner's 70011 hammers through Bishton under a threatening sky on the relief line hauling the mighty 4Z97 Port Tablot to Stoke Gifford Freightliner coal hoppers on the 26th January 2012.

The Bishton Flyover, Llandevenny

The Bishton Flyover is a popular location amongst Railway enthusiasts where photographs can be obtained of the unique situation in which the 'up' relief line crosses over the 'down' and 'up' main lines in whats known as the 'Bishton Flyover'. The line then snakes around immediately as trains take the flyover before the line moves nearer to the 'up' main under the road bridge.
A map on how to access the location is shown below. (From Junction 23a, take the road towards Llanwern steelworks ingorning the first left towards Caldicot, as you come to the first roundabout go right and then immediately left. You ultimately come to a 'T' junction where you turn right (left is a no-through road anyway) and then follow the narrow lane which will lead you to the road bridge. The bridge is quiet enough for you to be able to park the car.
The only draw back of the location is that vegetation may grow up between the 'up' relief and 'up' main, blocking the train's bogies for shots of trains coming off the flyover.

My Favourite Photograph from Bishton...

- One of the rarest workings to tackle the Bishton Flyover in recent years occurred on the 6th August 2007, when Cotswold Rail's Fragonset liveried 33202 hauled a Newport A.D.j to Westbury Colas Rail engineers over the Bishton Flyover.